Platinum Recognition | Platinum Recognition: Custom Awards Design, Redesign, and Manufacturing
We're a custom design and product development firm that manufactures awards, halls of fame, memorials, identification signage, and more for some of the nation's most distinguished clients.
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Our Process

Masters of Recognition

We’ve mastered the art of recognition from generating ideas all the way through to the finished product. With over 75 years of combined experience in design, product development and manufacturing, PLATINUM RECOGNITION strives to exceed our client’s expectations with on-time and on-budget performance.

  • Idea Origination

    PLATINUM RECOGNITION will help you clearly envision the best solution with your budget and goals in mind.

  • Design Concept

    Our experienced design department will create several digital selections until everyone is satisfied with the design.

  • Development

    In the development phase our attention shifts to the nitty-gritties like material choices and construction details.

  • Construction

    Master craftsmen construct our products knowing that the exceptional quality and standards utilized is our reputation... Perfection!

  • Completed Product

    No product PLATINUM RECOGNITION produces is complete until it meets or exceeds our expectations... and yours!

About Us


Our products are our promise. We keep our promises by providing the best quality product for the occasion and go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

We truly value loyalty and appreciate our clients' continued trust by rewarding them with special offers and other incentive programs. Their continued satisfaction is the key to our success!

We're Greenies

We continually strive to be the ``greenest`` company we can by employing local, talented craftspeople and utilizing local materials whenever possible. To reduce waste in the workplace, we created a ``digital proofing system`` that allows our clients to digitally preview their project plans and layouts before entering production, enabling us to make changes and tweak a project without unnecessary printing waste.

Reuse. Recycle. Reduce. Rethink.

Giving Back

We take pride in supporting a variety of worthy causes that impact our country, earth, and people's lives. PLATINUM RECOGNITION particularly supports protective services that guard our security and freedoms, and other organizations that focus on motivating and assisting those in need.